EST. 1990


For more information call 0631 62 62 326

Directions to our field:

From the Kaiserslautern Ost exit of autobahn 6, drive in the direction of
the Stadtmitte. Soon on the left side, you will see the UCI movie theaters.
At the far end of this building, take a left at the traffic light onto
Donnersbergstrasse. Follow this street for about a mile until, with the
Volkspark on your left, you will come to T in the road (actually you can
continue forward, but if you do, you will end up in a sportsfield area).

Make a right turn and shortly this street will be named  Barbarossastrasse.
Follow this street until you come to a traffic light with a left turn lane
and a sign showing the way to the soccer stadium. (A Lidl grocery store
will be on the right and a General Dynamics plant on the left.) Turn left
here (street named Kantstrasse) and drive past Joe's Roadhouse on your
right and soon aftwreards, you will see the sign and driveway entrance on
your left for the VFR sports club. Turn in here, up the hill, bear left at
the top and you end at the parking lot of the sports fields.

The softball team is looking for new players, also the mixed team. Call 0631- 62 62 326 for more information or leave a message.

From MAR 05 - SEP 05 practice takes place at the Goethe-Schule in Kaiserslautern (next to the hospital).


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